Sustainable relaxation for everyday life

Sit down quietly, wherever you are, or just take a moment and stop while out and about. Pay attention to the world around you. Take a look around and begin taking count of what you can see, which can be completely random things. List 10 things in your mind that you can see right now. Then concentrate on what you can hear. Concentrate consciously on the voices and sounds you can feel. Now list 10 of these things iny our mind. 

Now, feel the your body’s connection with the environment (such as the feeling of your clothes, a chair, a breeze). List 10 things in your mind that you can feel.

Then, begin a deep relaxing breath. Use your watch to help you breathe in and out 6-8 times a minute. Please do this exercise for 3 minutes, focussing on yourself. Then, turn your attention outwards again. Attentively look around, listen and feel, listing 5 things each that you can see, hear and feel. 

For the next step, begin inhaling and exhaling deeply again. This time try to inhale so deeply that you only need 4-6 breaths per minute. Make sure to take a short break after each inhalation and exhalation, but without forcing yourself to hold your breath. Once you have completed all the above steps, you should feel considerably less stressed.

Straighten your whole body and take a nice long stretch. Try to smile and look up a little.
Now you can get back to work in a more relaxed state.

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