Sustainable relaxation for everyday life
Cooking to help "wind down"

Baking and cooking are among the nicest activities to help relieve stress.
Set the intention of taking time to cook: choose a delicious recipe (perhaps a vegetarian dish for a change), relax while cutting the vegetables and be enchanted by the wonderful smells ... along with a glass of red wine and perhaps a nice chat with family and friends before enjoying your creations together. It’s a wonderful experience!

Enjoy ... allow yourself to indulge in a sweet treat

During particularly stressful times, try to consciously experience sensory perceptions, such as taste, and enjoy them intentionally! Take a piece of chocolate and let it slowly melt on your tongue.
This conscious indulgence has a relaxing effect on your body and the chocolate releases happiness hormones in the brain.

Drink a relaxing cup of tea

There is something very comforting about sitting in a deck chair on the terrace, letting the warming rays of the sun shine on your face and drinking a steaming cup of tea! Tea blends with lavender, hops and lemon balm have a particularly relaxing effect. Tea specialists are happy to advise you on the subject.

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