Enjoying wine

... for precious moments in the truest sense of the word at our adults only hotel in Tyrol, served by the junior chefs and qualified sommeliers Marion and Sebastian Rödlach.

„Those who knows how to taste do not drink wine - they savours secrets.“

Salvador Dali

a pleasure
Well assorted wine cellar

At Alpenhotel Karwendel, not only will you dine exquisitely, but you will also enjoy the culinary delights in combination with the right wine accompaniment. The well-stocked panoramic wine cellar is the pride of your hosts, who are also qualified sommeliers. They will be happy to show you which special wines and vintage treasures are to be found in the cellar - see below for a glimpse of what you can expect.

A wide range of Austrian and international wines awaits you in the wine cellar of the Alpenhotel Karwendel. Sebastian Rödlach reveals: " Our house wines from the "Sepp Moser" winery are very popular with our guests. The winery has earned an excellent reputation beyond the country's borders for its biodynamic cultivation."

The wine to match your energy type

Another special feature awaits you at Alpenhotel Karwendel: wines that match your individual energy type. "In cooperation with the winery "Sepp Moser”, we have been able to select the right bio-dynamic wines for the energy types ACTIVE or BALANCE."

A healthy appreciation for wine

A healthy way to enjoy wine? Yes, thanks to Reservatrol. 
Of course, Sommelière Marion's favourite wines vary according to the choice of food. However, Marion has a special preference for wines with a healing function. Marion will be happy to tell you all about how "wine can be healthy" and reveal the secret ...

Red wine’s little secret

The healthiest wines are red wines - particularly due to the fact that they have a high antioxidative effect thanks to the active ingredient resveratrol. Enjoyed in moderation, red wine therefore protects the body and brain from oxidative stress.

Resveratrol is produced by red grapes, among other things, to protect them from parasites. In the form of wine, it acts as an antioxidant. Found mainly in Austrian, South Tyrolean and Chilean young red wines, it is likely the most effective and best-studied phytonutrient one can take to preserve and protect one's health.

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