Relaxation on every level
For long lasting precious moments

Let time and nature work for you and experience the beneficial and balancing effects on your own body: At our adults only hotel, we have everything ready for you to combine movement, relaxation and nutrition in the most enjoyable way.

This makes it easy for you to take steps towards more balance and well-being!

Powerful nature

Our relaxation resort in the picturesque Leutasch valley is nestled in the majestic Karwendel mountains. Nature as an inexhaustible source has played the main role in our relaxation concept for decades and has been enjoyed by our guests who come here to unwind.

  • Creating balance: We are honoured that, for decades, we have been able to guide our guests by increasingly directing their focus back to the balance of nutrition, exercise and relaxation - with and amidst nature.
  • Our therapists use traditional knowledge and new findings to specifically apply nature's valuable treasures for your holistic regeneration.
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Relaxation on every level

For long-lasting, precious moments

Discover relaxation and pure enjoyment: choose what your heat, soul and palate desire from our daily offers.

Laid back and at your own pace

Every day on holiday can be different, so enjoy it. One day you feel like getting some fresh air while walking, hiking or playing golf - the next day you want to sleep in. The choice is yours: rest comfortably in your room or enjoy the view of the mountains from the relaxation room after a sauna session.

A bit of movement here and there to get you in gear

Experience the beneficial effects of meridian movement, muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen, yoga or Mind & Body. You can integrate these units from our free, weekly vitality programme into your holiday day in a stress-free way.

Regenerate with our vitalising weekly programme

Enjoyble exercise that doesn't have to be exhausting - all at your own pace.
Our popular morning and evening exercise programme includes Pilates to yoga and is free of charge for our guests. Experience its invigorating effect on the body and enjoy the pleasant revitalisation of your mind.

Soothing treatments by our therapists

Help your body and mind to let go completely.
Select the right treatment (for a fee) to suit your current energy status, our therapists will be happy to advise you!

Relax and indulge in revitalising dishes

Feel even more energised with your energy type-specific, vitality menu of choice. Our special, vitality cuisine line combines healthy nutrition and culinary delights: both Tyrolean specialities and international dishes have their place in our vitality menus.

Delightful time spent in nature

All around you, impressive natural experiences await in the midst of the magnificent Tyrolean mountains: whether in the Leutasch Valley, in the Gaistal or on the Seefeld Plateau, walking or hiking in the forest and in the mountains. For hiking enthusiasts, mountain biking fans and golfers, we offer inclusive services with our RELAXED ACTIVITY programmes, so that you can also set off on a spontaneous nature adventure.

Our vitality menus will make you smile!

Our chef de cuisine Sebastian Rödlach has been cooking according to the concept of gustogenesis for many years. After all, the path to optimal health is largely based on nutrition. In addition to careful preparation, fresh, high-quality seasonal foods play the main role in our kitchen. It is also important to us that you enjoy your dishes in peace and quiet.

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With the right vitality menu for your energy type, you can enjoy the kind of food that is most beneficial to you. As your well-being increases, so will your energy levels and your mood. That's how beneficial and tasty our healthy vitality menus are, which you can choose from every day as part of the ¾ gourmet board!

Are you ready to make precious, delicious and relaxing memories?

Browse through the top offers at our adults only hotel in the Tyrol - even our prices will leave you feeling relaxed!
We are also happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

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