Soothing massages & treatments

Therapies and massages allow the body and mind to let go completely. The specialists of our adults only hotel Leutasch are happy to advise you on which treatments - based on your current energy status - are most effective for you at this moment.

Available massages & treatments
Treatment Duration Price
Relaxing head & neck massage 25 min € 45,-
Full body massage 50 min € 75,-
Activating shoulder & back massage 25 min € 45,-
Aroma massage
(Full body massage with aroma oil)
50 min € 77,-
Breuss massage 25 min € 45,-
Revitalising leg & foot massage 25 min € 45,-
Foot reflexology massage 25 min € 45,-
Foot reflexology massage 50 min € 75,-
Specialty treatments
Treatment Duration Price
Regenerative energy massage 25 min € 45,-
Regenerative energy massage 50 min € 75,-
Karwendel high moor relax treatment 50 min € 75,-
„Karwendel ACTIVE“ (hot stone) 50 min € 95,-
„Karwendel BALANCE“ (argan oil) 50 min € 95,-
Karwendel special (with peeling) 80 min € 120,-
Leutasch pamper hour (relaxation) 50 min € 95,-
Karwendel pamper package (for tired legs) 50 min € 95,-
Karwendel pamper package

Specially for tired legs.

A combination of energy massage, classic massage and foot reflexology to revive tired legs.

Look forward to a special massage experience thanks to the use of warm argan oil. The treatment is rounded off with a special herbal fluid to stimulate circulation.

50 minutes € 90,-

Karwendel ACTIVE

Warmth is transmitted to the deeper areas of the body to stimulate blood circulation and the body's self-healing abilities. It promotes physical and mental balance, general well-being and particularly the activation of the body's own energy sources. An activating combination of a classic full-body and hot stone massage.

Karwendel BALANCE

This "warm oil massage" with Moroccan argan oil is a balancing stroking massage with firmer grips to deliver the argan oil deep into the skin. Argan oil is known to alleviate many joint weaknesses, has particularly strengthening effect on the immune system, is anti-inflammatory, relieves itching, promotes blood circulation and improves cell regeneration through the removal of free radicals.

In order to guarantee your desired appointment, you may also book your treatment from home before your arrival.
We are more than happy to assist you in this regard via phone call!

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