Sustainable relaxation for everyday life

Sit comfortably in a way that both the soles of your feet touch the floor. Begin by concentrating on your breathing. Breathe in and out for three breaths and observe yourself doing so. Just let the breath flow and follow your automatic impulses to inhale and exhale.

Feel the floor underneath your feet

Direct your attention towards the soles of your feet. Feel the ground underneatht hem. Especially in hectic situations, when your mind is racing from thought to thought, it is reassuring to feel the stability of the ground below your feet. If you are familiar with this exercise, then the grounding sensation may begin to set in without prior concentration on your breath, simply by consciously placing your feet on the floor. This can prove helpful in situations such as meetings, when things can get heated quickly and you require a little grounding.

The above described feeling of stability can be increased by using your imagination. Imagine that deep, strong roots are extending into the ground from the bottoms of your feet. In other words, you are becoming as steadfast as a tree: no matter how stormy the wind blows around you, you will stand strong. Practice the combination of "breathing", "feeling the ground" and "rooting" at least three times a day.

based on: Delia Grasberger, MD

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