Nutrition concept
Healthy nutrition - a joy instead of a chore

We are all different, so we also have different cravings. The seasons influence them, too - but above all, our own personal, energetic well-being, which is why the Alpenhotel Karwendel nutritional concept is based on just that.

Gourmet cuisine at Hotel Karwendel

The unique, light cuisine line with KULINARIA QUALITY AWARD is a combination of Far Eastern and Western nutritional medicine, based on the latest scientific findings and gustogenesis.

Your energy type

You will find a menu suggestion for every energy type in the evening menu, which you can choose according to your mood.

Eat your way to happiness!

Tips for a healthy diet
Savour food in harmony with your body

Do your body some good and be surprised by the beneficial effect of alleviating nutrition. All those who suffer from high blood pressure know that the effects of healthy nutrition go far beyond the stomach and metabolism, ranging from the cardiovascular system, improved sleep quality and the immune system to more mobility, a better mood and even an increased sense of pleasure. What are you waiting for?

  • Eat slowly - commonly known, but also highly important: when we eat and enjoy slowly, our brain receives the information that enough energy has arrived and that we are full.
  • Chew well - half of digestion lies in chewing! Our cook has already done his part by making light foods more digestible through heating and seasoning.
  • Relax while eating - why? Because the digestive glands are less effective under stress, and the movement of the intestines is also slowed down. Therefore, please take enough time to eat consciously, not only while on holiday!
  • Drink before eating - preferably 15-30 minutes before eating so that your thirst is quenched. Then, the digestive juices are free to devote themselves to their task, while we enjoy a glass of wine with our meal.
  • Stop eating when you feel full - even if that meants there is no more "room" for dessert.
  • Important: Do not eat raw vegetables in the evening - they are difficult to digest for almost everyone.
  • Include lots of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, few unsaturated fats and virtually no trans fats.
  • Our body loves variety - so try to have roughly 2 vegetarian days per week.
  • A glass of red wine is healthy - especially if it contains a lot of reservatrol - ask us and we will be happy to explain further!
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