Sustainable relaxation for everyday life

Stress manifests itself differently from person to person. Some people feel pressure more quickly than others. Aside from personal experiences and judgements, innate factors are also responsible for this. Observe yourself for a few days and write down what upsets you personally. Write down at least three stressful situations.
Then, sit down in a relaxed atmosphere and think about what you yourself can do to a) defuse the strassful situation b) restore balance to your life. Even small changes can bring considerable relief!

Ask yourself the following questions:

What causes me to lose my balance?
What can I change about that?
What helps me restore my balance?

For example, you could:
- Adjust your time management
- Delegate certain tasks
- Change your expectations - things don’t always need to be perfect
- etc.

based on: Delia Grasberger, MD

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