Sustainable relaxation for everyday life

Meetings, appointments, long hours of work on the computer!
A workday can often be quite long and arduous, especially when there seems to be no opportunity to simply "recharge" for a moment.

We recommend relieving your spinal cord:

1. Sit on the front edge of your chair.

2.  Place your hands, palms down, on the chair next to your thighs.

3. Breathe in slowly and naturally.

4. When you breathe out, press your hands into the chair and lift your bottom from the chair a little, engaging your body and holding the position for a moment.

5. Finish breathing out and softly sink back down onto the chair.

6. Take a short break and then repeat the exercise a total of 5 times.

This relieves your intervertebral discs and relaxes your spinal cord!

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