Sustainable relaxation for everyday life

Stress reduction & prevention

You return from your holiday relaxed and well rested. You have taken time for yourself and your family, eaten well, engaged in all kinds of leisure activities and exercise, felt the peace and beauty of nature - far away from everyday stress and the daily grind. You feel balanced and completely content.

Why not incorporate this pleasant feeling of relaxation and balance into your everyday life? Our anti-stress tips will help you easily and effectively reduce daily stress to prevent straining your body and burnout.

Valuable tips for sustainable relaxation in everyday life
  • Wake up a few minutes earlier to start the day mindfully. This is an easy way to avoid a stressful start to the day. Maybe you will enjoy a relaxed breakfast with your family, or simply take the time to go through your daily schedule in peace.
  • Physical activity has a positive impact on preventing stress, so take the stairs instead of the lift, or consider getting off the bus one stop earlier than usual. 
  • Don't focus on the negative events in your life. Let go of your anger and the stress associated with it. Look for and focus on positive experiences and enjoy them.
  • Make sure you eat a healthy diet and drink enough fluids. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables not only provide the body with vitamins and nutrients, but they also deliver valuable secondary plant substances that strengthen the immune system, increase physical performance and thus act as a protective shield against stress and overworking.
  • Get some fresh air several times a day, even if it is only through an open window. A sufficient supply of oxygen not only helps the body to breathe easier, but it also benefits the soul. Air in - stress out!
  • Take enough time for your family and friends. Shared conversations and activities bring new impulses and help to reduce and relieve stress.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep. This deep recovery phase allows the body to regain strength and reduce stress hormones.

These anti-stress tips and small daily changes will not only help to reduce stress, they can also prevent cardiovascular diseases and have a positive influence on the entire immune system - making your everyday life more healthy, conscious and stress-free.

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