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Every athlete is familiar with the term altitude training. It is a type of climatic therapy that makes use of the beneficial effects of climate and weather factors on health. Our hotel is located at 1,200 m above sea level. The climate here is a low mountain range climate, which is said to have predominantly beneficial climatic factors.


... of the low mountain range climate:

  • Coolness & wind
    They bring about an adaptation in the sense of toughening up. Slight cold stimuli are used systematically to increase physical performance.
  • Lower temperatures
    The temperature difference compared to the valley is approx. 4-6 degrees Celsius and causes increased metabolism, better sleep and regeneration as well as increased muscle growth during sporting activities.
  • Pure, allergen-free air
  • DPG effect
    As the body adapts to the altitude of the location, the so-called DPG effect is triggered. It causes an improved oxygen supply without the need to increase cardiac output and blood circulation.

Targeted endurance training at an altitude of around 1,200 m above sea level, carried out with a cool body shell, leads to an increased training effect.

  • Rich athlete's breakfast
  • Carbohydrate-rich lunch snack
  • Balanced menu of choice in the evening - prepared to suit your energy type
  • Quiet location of the hotel at 1200m above sea level
  • Train far away from everyday hustle, bustle and stress

Christian Burtscher - extreme cyclist and 2011 ultramarathon world champion has stayed at our hotel several times and is enthusiastic about the available training opportunities and successes.

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