Wellness & Spa - Vitality at the adults only hotel

Our vitality area spanning 1.500 m² at the adults only hotel in Seefeld purifies the body, enhances your immune response, reboots the cardiovascular system and has a healing effect on your respiratory system.   Our spa area at the adults only Golf Hotel Leutasch includes a vitality centre for perfect relaxation and regeneration. 

World of Wellness at the adults only hotel:



Our Vitality-Pavilion includes the following areas with varying effects:

  • Rock Crystal Brine Bath (energising)
    Our rock crystal brine bath with essential oils of eucalyptus and mint extracts has a healing effect on the respiratory system, purifies the body and stimulates your circulation.

  • Organic Hay Sauna
    The aroma of freshly cut Leutascher hay has a relaxing and gentle effect on your circulation.  

  • Tyrolean Sweat Parlour
    Our Tyrolean Sweat Parlour ensures an intensive purification of both body and mind. 

Following a visit to the sauna, recover your inner strength at the Tea Bar which boasts a selection of fresh fruits  and non-alcoholic beverages which can be enjoyed in one of our two panorama relaxation rooms overlooking the picturesque scenery of the swimming pond.

Crystal Grotto

In our crystal grotto you will find:

  • Finnish rose quartz sauna
  • Rock crystal steam bath
  • Physiotherm infrared cabin

The positive vibes of rose quartz and rock crystal in the Crystal Grotto enhance wellbeing, contribute to the prevention of diseases, stabilise your inner balance,  promote recovery and simply make you feel splendid.

This mediterranean style haven of tranquility ensures just the right type of relaxation.

The power of water

Our approx. 300 m2 large solar-heated organic swimming pond (available only in summer) is located in our Karwendel relaxation garden which also boasts a sunbathing lawn, loungers with cushions and sunshades, all for your swimming and relaxation pleasure.  
The Kneipp-water treading basin really kick starts your cardiovascular system. 
The 5 x 7 meter indoor swimming pool is equipped with a countercurrent water system and is surrounded by exclusively styled mediterranean relaxation rooms.

Light & Warmth

Re-energising light therapy in the sun room

The sun room houses 6 high-quality medical light therapy devices which improve stress management, help counteract seasonal depression, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar,  trigger the production of vitamin D and contribute to increasing the duration and quality of sleep.  

Physiotherm infrared cabin for two

The unique low temperature infrared method allows for a healthy sweat from as little as 30 °C which is also gentle on your circulatory system. Regular usage can relieve back pain and tension and also improve your metabolism and strengthen your immune system.  In addition, intensive sweating supports your body's detoxification. 


Panorama-Fitness Room

Our fitness room and the adjoining gymnastics room were newly built in Spring of 2015.  The fitness room houses state-of-the-art exercise equipment from Technogym including spinning bikes, steppers, treadmills and much more. Through the panoramic windows you have a wonderful, unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains, our relaxation garden and the organic swimming pond.

Holistic Treatments

As part of our holistic anti-stress-programme we offer relaxation and healing massages as well as cosmetic and energetic treatments.
Enjoy your relaxing stay in the Karwendel. We provide professional on-site consultation and support with our spa treatments for the body, mind and soul.



  • FULL BODY MASSAGE   50 min


  • BREUSS MASSAGE   40 min
    a gentle back massage especially for strengthening the spine. Stretching achieved by stroking stimulates the dissolution of blockages in the back muscles.

  • FOOT REFLEXOLOGY    25 or 50 min
    ...a massage according to reflexology, which provides an insight into the weak points all over the body. This massage has a balancing effect and is ideal for gaining new strength.

  • LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE   25 min or 50 min
    Using rhythmic circular hand movements to stimulate lymph flow, congestion in the lymphatic system is relieved. The movement propels the fluid in the tissues through the vessels and eventually back to the cardiovascular system.  

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  • Karwendel ACTIVE (hot stone)     50 min
    Warmth is transported into the body's depths, thus stimulating blood flow and the body's self-healing powers.  This massage serves to restore your inner mental and physical balance, while enhancing your overall sense of wellbeing and activating the body's own sources of energy.  An energising combination of classical full body massage and warm stones.      

  • Karwendel BALANCE (warm oil)     50 min
    This „warm oil massage“ using moroccan argan oil is a harmonising massage characterised by stroking movements combined with firmer grips which really transport the oil into the skin. Argan oil is reknowned for regenerating weakened joints, enhancing the immune system, its anti-inflammatory properties and antipruritic effects, as well as for stimulating circulation and improving cell regeneration by depositing free radicals.     

    ... in our adults only hotel in Seefeld (Leutasch).
    The craniosacral system is comprised of the skull, spine and sacrum. This system is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, which is produced in the choroid plexuses of the ventricles of the brain and serves the vital function of coating and protecting the central nervous system.
    The cranial osteopathy treatment addresses blockages in the spine and disruptions in bone structure. The soft, gentle and rhythmic grip technique results in a vibration and resonance therapy of the skull, spine and pelvis, all of which stimulates self-correction and healing processes within the body.  The aim of the therapy is to restore a harmonious, balanced and powerful, yet gentle spreading of cranial impulses throughout the whole body. 

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