Wine enjoyment in the adult hotel

"Those who can enjoy, don’t drink any wine, but taste the secrets."

Salvador Dali



Our adult hotel will not only spoil you with its excellent cuisine but also with its exquisite wine collection.

Dipl. Sommelier Marion & Sebastian Rödlach are dedicated in overseeing the newly built, in-house panoramic wine cellar which offers a wide range of Austrian and international wines.


Our guests particularly enjoy drinking our house wines from the Sepp Moser vineyard, which has gained an excellent reputation locally and abroad through its organic cultivation.

Since winter 2010 our wines can also be selected according to your individual energy type, either ACTIVE or BALANCE. In cooperation with the Sepp Moser vineyard we have succeeded in assigning the organic wines an energy type.


Enjoy some fine drops … Marion and Sebastian will be pleased to personally advice you and always have suitable recommendations for every palate.



Benefits of wine

…with 1-2 glasses of wine per day

  • Prevents heart attack
    … by improving the blood circulation and reducing your cholesterol levels
  • Increases life expectancy
    …through its natural antioxidants
  • Supports the fight against illnesses
    …by having negative effect on bacteria and viruses.


The red wine, which we recommend, contains the natural active ingredient resveratrol, which through its antioxidant effect relieves stress – induced problems with the body and prevents the brain from oxidative stress.