A long tradition of hosting

    A heartfelt "welcome" to our adults only hotel in Leutasch!

    In autumn of 2015, our hotel was enlarged and renovated for the comfort of our guests. We are delighted to be able to offer you an elegant ambiance combined with cordial Tyrolean hospitality in a relaxed atmosphere!

    We wish you a pleasant stay!

    Sincerely yours,
    the Rödlach family




    • Roman and Anna Rödlach, the „summer resort“ pioneers, built the Hotel Karwendel in Leutasch in 1972 with a capacity of 30 beds and a quaint restaurant.

    • It was literally the „number one“ hotel in Leutasch, seeing as it was also the first hotel to be erected in Leutasch.

    • In 1980 son Bernhard Rödlach and his wife Martina took over the hotel and carried out a series of large-scale renovations in 1987, 1994 and 2006 which transformed the hotel into one of today’s leading 4 star hotels in the region with a capacity of 72 beds.

    • Throughout the years, also the restaurant gained an excellent reputation reaching even beyond the borders. We have welcomed many celebrities as our guests and have been the venue of choice for countless family events ranging from birthdays to wedding celebrations.

    • As of 2010 our hotel operates as an adults only hotel with a focus on anti-stress, relaxation, spa, and complete peace and tranquillity in the midst of breathtaking nature.

    • In 2014 the third generation took over with Sebastian Rödlach and his wife Marion at the helm. Together they oversaw the further expansion in 2015 to a capacity of 93 beds in rooms and suites designed to meet the highest standards.

    • The spa, fitness and seminar facilities leave nothing more to be desired.

    • With the birth of Roman Rödlach in September 2015, the 4th generation of hosts is already waiting in the wings.




    A glimpse behind the scenes



    ... says Sebastian Rödlach, as he receives us for a personal interview.

    When did you first feel the desire to become a hotelier?

    Already at a young age, it was clear that I will one day take over the family business. My parents also noticed early on that I have the necessary talents for this profession.
    As a little anecdote: guests have shared their memory with me of when I was a young boy and slipped passed my mother in order to serve them a pot of coffee for breakfast!
    (I was only 4 years old back then!)

    Could you please give us some insight into your resumé? How did you become what you are today?

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