On the path towards change

Stress manifests itself differently depending on the individual. Some people are more susceptible than others depending on their personal experiences and assessments, as well as inherent factors. Observe yourself for a few days and take note of situations which unsettle you. Write down at least three such stress situations.

Sit down in a relaxed spot and think about what you can do yourself in order to a) defuse the situation b) bring back your inner balance. Even small changes can already provide considerable relief.

Ask yourself the following questions:
What throws me off balance?
What can I do about it?
What gets me back into balance?

You could, for example:
• Change your time management
• Delegate tasks
• Alter your approach - not everything has to always be perfect
• Etc.

(Based on recommendations from Dr. med. Delia Grasberger)


Here you will regularly find new tips on how to systematically reduce stress and hectic and enhance creativity and efficiency with newly gained energy.


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