A quick stress reduction exercise

Calmly sit down, no matter where you are, or just stop for a few minutes while on the go.  Concentrate on your surroundings. Look around and take stock of the things you see, which can be completely arbitrary. Make a mental list of 10 of these things. Then focus on what you can hear. Consciously concentrate on detectible voices and noises. Make a mental list of 10 sounds.

Now you can feel the connection between your body and the environment (such as the feeling of the clothes on your skin, the seat cushion you are sitting on, or the gentle breeze in the air). Make a mental list of 10 things which you can sense around you in this way.

Then begin to breathe deeply and at ease. Use your watch. Take 6-8 breaths within one minute, inhaling and exhaling. Repeat for 3 minutes. Then direct your attention outward again. See, hear and feel what is around you and again make a mental list of 5 items each. 

The next step is to again resume deep inhalation and exhalation. This time take deeper breaths, only 4-6 breaths per minute. Make sure that you take a little break after inhaling and exhaling. Following this quick exercise, stress levels should already be significantly lower.

Straighten out your whole body and stretch. Try to smile and look upward.
Now you can relax and devote yourself to your work again.




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