Go on an energising virtual getaway

How does one manage to stay happy, relaxed, healthy and always full of energy? By finding the right balance between high performance and deep relaxation.

For quick and intensive relaxation, the following methods are best: autogenous training, Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation technique or a simple breathing or visualization exercise.
No time for a short stay at our hotel? Then let your imagination take you on a quick getaway for deep relaxation.

Count slowly to three as you inhale through the nose. Briefly hold your breath and then exhale through the mouth. Slow the process down by narrowing your lips, for example. Once again count to three, but slower than during inhalation. This is again followed by a short break until the next breath begins.

Now let your imagination take you to a beautiful place you enjoy. It can be somewhere you have been during your holidays, or you can conjure up a place of your liking, such as a lush meadow full of alpine flowers with a view of a lonely mountaintop, etc. ...  Look around, what do you like most there? What colors and shapes can be seen? What do you hear? Do you associate any particular smell with this place? Consciously experience the surroundings with all your senses.

You can embark on your re-energising imaginary getaway while gazing out the window or inconspicuously sitting in front of the computer screen. Consciously exit your inner fantasy after a few minutes have passed. To do so, take a few steps or stretch out extensively. Seven to ten minutes should be set aside for this exercise.

(Based on recommendations from Dr. med. Delia Grasberger)


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