Reduce stress – prevent stress

You have returned home well-rested and relaxed following your holiday.  You have enjoyed precious time for yourself and with your family, ate well, enjoyed all kinds of leisure activities – both active and relaxing, and felt the peace and beauty of nature - far away from everyday stress and daily routine. You feel balanced and completely satisfied.

Why not extend this pleasant feeling of relaxation and balance into everyday life? Our anti-stress tips make it easy to reduce everyday stress and thus prevent burnout and overwork.



Useful tips for sustainable day to day relaxation

  • Get up a few minutes earlier in the mornings to begin the day at ease. That way, your day doesn’t already get off to a stressful start. You might enjoy a relaxed breakfast with your family or just take the time to go through your daily schedule in peace.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or just hop off the bus one stop earlier. Physical exercise has a positive impact on the prevention of stress.

  • Pay attention to maintaining a healthy diet and proper hydration. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables provide the body not only with vitamins and nutrients, but also with valuable phytochemicals, which boost the immune system, increase physical performance and act as a defense shield against stress and overwork.

  • Take in as much fresh air as you can, even if it is just by opening the window several times a day. A sufficient oxygen supply is not only good for the body but also for the soul. Air in, stress out.

  • Do not focus on the negatives in your life. Release your anger and the related stress. Look for positive experience and enjoy them.

  • Make time for your family and friends. Joint discussions and activities create new impulses and help to reduce and relieve stress.

  • Be sure you get an adequate amount of sleep. In this deep recovery phase, the body can draw new strength and reduce stress hormones.

These tips do not only contribute to stress reduction but also additionally help prevent cardiovascular diseases and have a positive impact on the entire immune system – enjoy your days consciously, in good health, and completely free of stress.


Here you will regularly find new tips on how to systematically reduce stress and hectic and enhance creativity and efficiency with newly gained energy.


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