High altitude training

Altitude training is a well-known term among all athletes. It is a type of climatotherapy which takes advantage of the positive health effects induced by particular climate and weather factors. Our hotel is located at 1,200 meters above sea level, an altitude at which the low mountain range climate prevails, which is characterised by mainly gentle climate factors.

Our offer for efficient altitude training:

  • Extensive sports breakfast
  • High carbohydrate lunch snack
  • Balanced evening meal - prepared specifically for your energy type
  • Quiet hotel location at 1200m above sea level
  • Relaxed training atmosphere far from everyday hustle and bustle

The extreme cyclist and 2011 Ultramarathon World Champion Christian Burtscher has been our guest several times and is delighted with the results achieved at the training facility and  the training facility itself.


... of the low mountain range climate:

  • Coolness & wind
    these two factors contribute to increasing the body’s resilience. Slight cold stimuli are systematically applied, resulting in improved physical ability.

  • Low temperatures                                                                                                                   compared to the valley the temperature difference is about 4-6 degrees celsius which has your body burning calories faster, gaining more regeneration through better sleep and more muscle during exercise.

  • Air purity & allergen-free

  • DPG effect
    once the body has acclimatised to the higher altitude, the so-called DPG effect is triggered. It results in a significantly improved oxygen supply without an increase in cardiac output and blood circulation.

Specifically applied endurance training at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, during which the surface of the body should preferably remain cool, results in an increase of the training effect.