Off with the pressure – In with the energy

Daily hectic and time pressure put a strain on the body. Adrenaline is produced each time in order to prepare the body for maximum performance. In the long term this type of excess leads to stress disorder. The following exercise can help you establish a healthy distance from all the hustle and problems.

  1. Stand up and place your feet side by side on the floor. Let your arms dangle.

  2. Calmly and deeply inhale for about two seconds and slowly exhale for about three seconds. While you exhale, allow everything which burdens you to flow from your head down through your arms, down your back, down your legs and out through your feet and into the ground. Feel the soles of your feet while standing firmly on the ground. Try to imagine how everything which has put a strain on you just flows down through your body and exits through your feet.

  3. Take a short two second break. Then repeat the exercise a few times until you begin to feel a noticeable improvement in your wellbeing.

  4. Gain new energy and strength while inhaling.

(Based on recommendations from Dr. med. Delia Grasberger)


Here you will regularly find new tips on how to systematically reduce stress and hectic and enhance creativity and efficiency with newly gained energy.


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