Cranio Osteopathy 

… at our adults only hotel in Seefeld (Leutasch).
The craniosacral system is comprised of the skull, spine and sacrum. This system is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, which is produced in the choroid plexuses of the ventricles of the brain and serves the vital function of coating and protecting the central nervous system.

The cranial osteopathy treatment addresses blockages in the spine and disruptions in bone structure. The soft, gentle and rhythmic grip technique results in a vibration and resonance therapy of the skull, spine and pelvis, all of which stimulates self-correction and healing processes within the body. 

The field of application includes after-effects of injuries of any kind, such as musculoskeletal disorders, whiplash, physical and psychological trauma, physical and mental shock, consequences of pregnancy and birth for mother and child.

The aim of the therapy is to restore a harmonious, balanced and powerful, yet gentle spreading of cranial impulses throughout the whole body.

Duration:     55 min      
Price:                           € 57,-


... at our Golf Hotel Leutasch, your adults only hotel.
Pilates is a form of body training, which is designed to balance the unilateral movements of everyday life and to regain even body posture. The basis of all pilates exercises is a keen awareness of the body, and placing quality before quantity. It's not about exercising to the point of exhaustion, but rather about the harmonious coexistence between muscles, ligaments and bones.

Pilates permanently improves body posture due to the fact that body parts are addressed which are rather neglected in everyday unilateral movements.

Duration:       60 min
Price:         € 40,-

Jin Shin Jyutsu

... in our adults only hotel in Seefeld (Leutasch).
Jin Shin Jyutsu literally translates as "Human-God / Creator-Art" which can be interpreted as: "The divine art of healing among compassionate people". It is a healing method which aims to harmonise vital energy (Qì) by relying on millennium-old traditional knowledge. Jin Shin Jyutsu is essentially based on conscious breathing, holding fingers (mudras), a layered theory of human consciousness and gentle touching ("streaming") of 26 energy centers on the body.

As with acupressure and acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu aims to dissolve physical blockages of a person's "energy flow", so that the organism can recover its self-healing ability.
By holding certain combinations of the body's so-called „safety energy locks“, blocked energy is released, thus restoring a person's inner balance resulting in physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

Duration:       55 min  
Price:         € 57,-


... in our  Golf Hotel Leutasch, your adults only hotel.
In its broadest sense, kinesiology is the science of bodily movement. Applied kinesiology deals with muscles and draws upon teachings from Chinese acupuncture regarding the energy system. Kinesiology improves our communication with ourselves, because using movement we activate all physical functions.

Kinesiology is like a tool, it is a technique that supports almost all spheres of life in an optimal way and helps us use our energy economically and effectively.

Duration:          55 min      
Price:            € 57,-


An excerpt from our massage and treatment packages

Staying active at the Karwendel:

  • Private Nordic walking tours · several participants possible 60 min € 25,-
  • Private back and spinal gymnastics sessions · several participants possible 45 min € 45,-


Breuss Massage   (40 minutes)

The Breuss massage is a gentle & energising back massage which relieves emotional and physical tension and triggers the regeneration of neglected spinal discs.

Price:    € 45,00

Brain-Walking & Brain-Cross-country skiing


Our guided „brainTMWalking“ tours in summer and „brainTMCross-country skiing“ tours in winter play a very special role in reducing stress levels and activating self-healing powers . Both combine movement with sensory perception, concentration, alertness and the joy of experiencing nature.

Particular emphasis is placed on linking both hemispheres of the brain. Both the analytical and rational left hemisphere and the creative right hemisphere are activated. Through regular training, thinking flexibility is increased which results in quicker processing of information.
Many varied exercises while walking or cross-country skiing will have the mind performing at its best. Negative thoughts will disappear and make room for new positive energy.