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Interview with Sebastian Rödlach


... says Sebastian Rödlach, as he receives us for a personal interview. 

When did you first feel the desire to become a hotelier?

It was already clear to me at a young age that one day I will take over the family business. My parents also noticed early on that I have the necessary talents for this profession.
As a little anecdote: guests have shared their memory with me of when I was a young boy and slipped passed my mother in order to serve them a pot of coffee for breakfast!
(I was only 4 years old back then!)

Could you please give us some insight into your resumé? How did you become what you are today?
After having completed the 3 year Hotel Management School programme in Bludenz with a certificate in „Hotel Management“, I dedicated a further 3 years to advanced studies in Hotel and Tourism Management in St. Johann in Tyrol. After having acquired the secondary school leaving diploma, I gained practical experience in other hotel businesses, amongst them also the „Alpenresort Schwarz”. Entering the family business was a logical next step for me!

Which skills are especially important in your line of work?
-People skills
-A thirst for knowledge
- A joy in communicating and an affinity for foreign languages

What brings you the greatest joy as a hotelier?

When our guests leave our hotel feeling content and relaxed!

What causes you the greatest frustration as a hotelier?

When competitors ruin quality and good gastronomy with price dumping!

You are constantly surrounded by questioning and demanding people. You always have to be courteous. How do you succeed? Is it something one can learn? Or is it an innate talent?
First of all, you have to be passionate about this profession!
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, every hotelier needs to decide for him or herself how they aim to interpreted their profession. I've decided to offer only TOP quality at our hotel and every guest is treated equally according to this principle. This equips me with a type of certainty when approaching a guest. I think if one has found their way, then being a good host is relatively easy.

Which type of guests do you enjoy the most?

The bons vivants!

What are you most proud of in your hotel?

That we succeeded in turning our concept of a relaxation hotel into reality and that we can now confidently call ourselves a haven of tranquillity in the heart of the Alps!
It took some years, but now more and more new guests who appreciate the positioning of our hotel are becoming regulars.

Which particular experience in your hotel brings back the fondest memories?

My own wedding, on the occasion of which I received countless best wishes from our regular guests from all over the world!

Which famous persons have stayed at your hotel?

That is a well-kept secret. Our guests appreciate their privacy and right to relax here in anonymity! The only information regarding our celebrity guests is to be found in the guestbook. We deliberately refrain from press releases and pictures in the tabloids.

As a host, do you sometimes also enjoy being a guest? Where do you go on holiday and how?

Yes, of course, everyone needs a holiday to recharge their batteries. We prefer vacationing in the South, since the weather during our time off in April and November is not always the best for stays in the area!
Due to our line of work, our eyes and ears are always open when we are staying in other hotels. Mostly we also bring back one or two ideas. But above all I am pleased to see that we need not fear comparison with other hotels, regardless of which country they are located in.

What else are you passionate about besides your job?

I’m an avid golfer and my biggest passion is music.

Thank you, Mr. Rödlach.

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